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The following is a partial list of flashguns
manufactured by their respective companies:

"Sea of Light"
Photo By: Paul Pilcher


Handle Type: Graflex, Heiland Research, Kodak, Forrania(Italian), Minicam, Zeiss, Ikon, Argus, Zenobia(Japan), Cocny, Mendelson, Abbey, Polaroid, Braun, Linhof, Kalart, Chardelle, Nikon, Canon, MPP.
NEW speedgraphic SarWars Flashguns (excellent reproductions)

Folding Fan Type: Honeywell-Tilt-A-Mite, Zeiss Ikon Ikoblitz 4, Voltar, Samigon, Waltz, Folcal, Avigo, Anscolite IV(flash cube),
Duo Lux (German), Samoca, Gold Crest, Agfa, Rainbow 1, Accura, Minolta, Nikon, Vernon, Heiland Tiltamite.

We also have many other flashguns, please contact us and let me know what you are looking for, or so we can recommend a unit for your purposes.

All types of bulb adapters to change base from one size to another.
We can manufacture custom made adapters for your requirements.


Electronic Flash    Adapter


  Benjamin Button
Cinderella Man
All The Kings Men
The Aviator
I Love Huckabees
The Missing
  CRESS Photo
flashpans, flashguns ,
ignition devices for
flashbulbs, special
effects FX

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